Significance of Communication Skills In The Process Of Essay Writing

Communication has always played a vital role in our lives and has supported us in many aspects. No one can survive without communication, it is the most basic necessity of every being. It is not only required in the academic period but effective communication is a basic need of corporate as well. Good communication skills can provide you with various opportunities in professional life. Many of the job requirements include good communication skills. It doesn’t matter if you have various effective ideas for the relevant topic if your communication skills are not up to the standard you cannot convey your idea effectively with anyone. The best communication is all about understanding the context, asking and answering questions, acquiring different information through different modes of communication. It is the most basic skill that is required by all of the organisations regardless of any nature. Just take an example, think of the job that doesn’t require an interview, I know, all organisations demand to take an interview before the job. So, if your communication skills are good enough you can impress the employer and can convey your skills through effective communication.

Types of Communication

You have to change the type of communication according to the need of the context. For example, if you are on a text chat, other people won’t be able to see your gestures, so you use emojis to express your feelings. Similarly, you have to choose the right type of communication according to the need of the context. There are four types of communication;

Verbal Communication

In verbal communication, we use the language through speaking and using sign language. It is our daily routine to use the verbal mode of communication. We use it every day for our necessities. For example, talking on the phone, video calling, voice messages, and many more.

Non-Verbal Communication

Non-verbal communication is all about body language. It talks about your gestures, use of body parts and facial expressions. We use non-verbal communication on a daily basis both intentionally and unintentionally. For example, you are thinking of a solution to a problem for a year, and suddenly you find out a solution in your mind, what would be your reaction? Yes exactly, your expression will be overwhelming.

Written Communication

It is one of the most used types in organisations and is considered as the most authentic one. Its authenticity is the reason that it is widely used in legal procedures. We start learning written communication since the first day of our school, it is the prime objective of the schools to develop all types of communication skills of, the students. They provide students with different writing activities that are helpful to develop such a certain set of skills.

Visual Communication

Visual communication is meant to convey the information to the reader through visual effects, such as drawings, arts, graphs and many more. Just take an example of statistics, there are many requirements for drawing and explaining the graphs with the figures. Once you see the graph you understand the entire Information without reading any detailed text. This also helps students during their academic period. Students are provided with different activities which include arts, drawing, and many more.

Affect Of Communication Skills In Essay Writing

Communication skills assist students throughout the academic period. During the academic period, students are provided with different writing tasks, such as essay writing, assignment writing, dissertation writing and many more. Effective essay writing requires a lot of information about the subject, you need to acquire knowledge through different sources of information. Communication is also one of the sources of information that helps students to acquire the relevant knowledge of the selected topic.

It is not only written communication that acts as a professional essay help but the other three types are as significant as written communication. You can develop an understanding of the topic through verbal communication as well. For example, you have required a nursing essay writing but couldn’t figure out the required knowledge for the topic, so you went to some professional teachers and discussed the entire matter verbally. This will definitely assist you throughout the writing process of essay writing. Similarly, it goes with the non-verbal and visual communication, for example, you have to write an essay on the “secrets of nature”, you can observe many things from your surrounding that can help you to write about nature what exactly you see. Every type of communication leads your way to produce a premium quality of essay writing. Students need to show the key concern in developing and polishing communication skills throughout the academic period.  It will be of great significance when you join any organisations, it can affect your personality in a positive way and assist you to keep up the good work on a daily basis.

Significance of Communication Skills In The Process Of Essay Writing
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Significance of Communication Skills In The Process Of Essay Writing
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