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One of the common types of essays is argumentative essays. It requires extensive research and a lot of time to write a solid argumentative type of essay. Therefore, the argumentative essay writer has to research the topic to generate arguments. In addition, the writer has to analyse and evaluate the collected data to provide solid arguments. For the sake of conducting research on the topic, research sources are needed. Unfortunately, not everyone has access to essential research resources such as research journals.

The arugmentative essay writer has to clearly understand the topic and write an essay with solid arguments. The most important thing is to provide proof of the evidence in the essay. Moreover, the normal structure of the argumentative type of essays is the structure contains 5 paragraphs i.e. introduction, 3 paragraphs for the body of the essay, and conclusion.

For a student, it is difficult to research, write, critically evaluate, and maintain the coherence and structure of the essay. Therefore, we consider it our duty to help these students in writing a masterpiece. We have experienced argumentative writers who can write on any argumentative essay topics you want.

Importance of argumentative essays

These kind of essays are beneficial for students in developing critical thinking ability. Moreover, students can learn how to win an argument by providing proof of their arguments. By considering our help, students can be able to write an argumentative type of essay on any topic. They can learn how a professional write this type of essay and they will identify their weaknesses. In addition, they can get better grades.

Key features of argumentative essays

There are some features that need to be included in the essay for getting good marks. These features are discussed in this section to help you realise the key components of an argumentative type of essay.

Thesis statement

The thesis statement is an essential part of the argumentative type of essays. It has mainly two part. The first part contains the problem of the essay. That means the topic of the essay. On the other hand, the other part contains supporting evidence or the importance of the topic. It means the other part discusses the reasons for writing an essay on a topic. Usually, it is written in the introductory paragraph.

Solid arguments

The argumentative writer has to provide solid arguments that can validate the essay. Otherwise, it will degrade the quality of the argumentative essay papers.


For providing solid arguments, one has to provide supporting evidence to prove his/her point. Otherwise, the writer will not be able to create a long-lasting or compelling impression on readers. Therefore, credible references should be given in this type of essays.


Yes, you heard it right!! Counterarguments are mandatory for providing a neutral point of view in the essay. In the absence of counterarguments, the writer will appear biased.

Proper style of citation

This is the most important part of an argumentative essay paper. Proper citation will authenticate the essay and maintain the accuracy of the evidentiary research. Some common styles of referencing/ citation are APA, Harvard style referencing, etc.

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