Most Common Barriers Faced By Students While Writing Essay

I really appreciate the struggle of the students throughout their academic time. They have to face many hurdles and problems to achieve higher grades at the end of the program. Essay writing is one of the writing activity that is highly responsive to vary your grades and total GPA during the semester. It is essential for students to pay attention to the development of essay writing skills. Instructors are the creators of the requirement, they can make the changes according to the need of the subject or at their will. Various requirements confuse the students due to which they find it difficult to understand the requirements of the custom essay writing. Professional essay help can assist you to follow the right standards and requirements of essay writing. You can find many online firms that offer professional essay writing services through expert writers. Experiencing the writing of the professionals can give you a detailed idea of how to write an effective and professional essay writing.

There are many benefits associated with the essay writing, however, there are hurdles as well for the students to face while writing an essay for a specific topic. These barriers are many kinds and vary according to the need of the context or the subject. The following are the barriers that students face throughout the essay writing process.

Lack Of Knowledge

Essay writing demands the acquisition of the relevant knowledge for the best possible results. Your essay is entirely based on the previous authentic and relevant research. You have to use these previous researches that are related to the selected. Students usually don’t show effort is acquiring the knowledge and find difficulty during the writing process. You cannot write anything if you know nothing about the subject or the topic. So, students need to thoroughly search for the required knowledge from various sources of information. But you need to make sure that the acquired knowledge in relevant, reliable and authentic. This will enhance the quality of your essay writing paper.

Lack Of Time Management

It is not only the essay or assignment writing that matters, but there are many other activities that are required to perform by the students throughout the program. Students have to complete their all kind of tasks within a limited time. So, if one task is delayed, others will start creating a mess for the upcoming tasks. I have seen students that sometimes they cannot manage their time. It is important to commit some daily specific time for the completion of tasks like essay writing. Once you know how to manage your time effectively, believe me, it will benefit you in all your ways throughout your academic and professional life.

Plagiarism In The Writing

It is one of the basic issues of essay writing that students face throughout the procedure of custom essay writing. Plagiarism in your document is not appreciated at all. If your instructor finds out the plagiarism, they have all the right to cancel your task or to reassign the task with different requirements. There are specific and certain ways to avoid plagiarism in your essay writing document. To avoid plagiarism in your writing you need to make sure that you provide the references in your writing. For example, you have taken some information from the research article or the book to write it in your essay, you have to provide the name of the author and the year of publication. This will help you to avoid plagiarism in your entire custom essay writing.

Lack Of Confidence

Confidence plays an important role in the essay writing process. If you want to write effectively for essay writing, you need to develop confidence in yourself. I have experienced this when I started writing, it was something in my mind, that whatever I’m writing cannot be appreciated due to the quality or words or anything. It is when I found and start reading the book “Writing with Confidence” by Alan Meyers and many other books that boosted my confidence in writing. So there are many ways to develop confidence in your writing, it is up to you, what are the ways you would look for the confidence in writing. Another way is to practice as much as you can, it will help you develop the pro skills and provides you with the best results. One of the main concerns that I want you to know is that never think of the people and never afraid of what they think about your writing, adopt your own style and start writing your interest.


I have seen and experienced the same when I started writing. I have seen that students keep looking for the perfectionism of the task and keep delaying it until the deadline arrives. I would suggest students to start writing anyways regardless of any mistakes, no one is perfect in this world to make a mistake. Looking for perfection is also necessary but keep sticking to the one line or a paragraph just for the sake of perfectionism is not appreciated at the beginning of your essay writing skills development.

Most Common Barriers Faced By Students While Writing Essay
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Most Common Barriers Faced By Students While Writing Essay
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