Basic Steps On How to Write Persuasive Essay

Another name for persuasive essays is an argumentative essay. The basic purpose of persuasive essay writing is to make your point of view more legit by providing logical evidence and other reasoning that supports your idea. It is important for the writer to provide maximum logical arguments in order to convince the readers. You can also use different facts and figures to make your persuasive essay writing more legitimate.

The objective of persuasive essay writing is to show that your point of view is more reliable and authentic than the others. It is important to note, that the basis of persuasive essay writing should be sound, relevant and reliable. Sound logic would help you to support the argument effectively and efficiently.

It is not easy for the students to meet the requirements of persuasive writing as it demands writing skills at its peak. To meet the standards of persuasive essay writing, students are advised to have a good command on their writing skills. It is good for the students to first understand the objectives of writing a persuasive essay, once you understand the purpose of writing it would help you to meet the standards and the requirements at the same time.

Students are recommended to get the expert UK essay help if they are finding any kind of difficulties in understanding the procedures and techniques in writing a persuasive essay. Availing the help of the professionals can help you to stay on the track of requirements and to meet the standards of writing. It further helps you to understand the concepts effectively as the professional writers are full of relevant knowledge and then know how to follow the guidelines for every academic writing activity.

You must be wondering that what is the usage of persuasive essay writing. Persuasive essay writing is used for blogs, political speeches, advertising, and many other things.

Let’s understand this through an example, let’s say your University is conducting a debate based on timing issues during covid-19. Now you have to write a persuasive essay on convincing the board of the university to limit the time of the daily classes by providing different logical reasoning along with the facts and the figures.

Steps On Writing Persuasive Essay

Let’s see and discuss some of the basic steps involved in writing a persuasive essay to meet the standards and the requirements of the university.

Pre-Plan the Writing

It is important for the students to first plan the writing before writing or even thinking about the topic. For every selected topic for persuasive essay writing, there are more than 1 sides. Now it is up to the students that what aspect of the topic they want to choose for persuasive essay writing. Make sure that you select the topic for which you have a good knowledge and complete interest. 

Collect The Knowledge

It is important for every academic assignment to gather the knowledge which is relevant and reliable. The collected relevant information helps to support the claim that you are making throughout the writing. Just imagine and ask yourself how you will be going to persuade the readers if you don’t have complete knowledge about the topic. It is easy for students while living in the 21st century to approach different sources of information. Students can easily find all types of information on the internet, but the only thing that you need to make sure is to have an approach to the most authentic and reliable information.

Know Your Audience

For persuasive essay writing, it is important to first understand your audience. This can include the mindset of the audience which helps to understand the perspective of the readers. This will help you to understand whether your arguments and claims will match the mindset of the audience or not. You have to think that what can be the logical reasoning that can help to persuade the readers to understand and accept your claims.

Find The Logical Facts and Reasoning

There is no other way to change the mind of anyone for the specific idea except by providing comprehensive facts and reasoning that are logical and sound.  To collect the facts and the reason to support your Idea and claims, it is important to thoroughly search and keep searching until you find the best reasoning. However, the logic can be based on the research you have made, or through observation, or past experiences. Showing the facts along with the figures, which can be complete statistical data, which can enhance the quality and authenticity of reasoning. Students are advised to use figures if they want to make their reasoning more authentic and reliable to the readers.

Go Along with Structure

Once you understand and collect the required information, now it is time to put the words together in the best possible arrangement. In order to do so, it is necessary to first understand the structure of essay writing. The structure of persuasive essay writing involves the basic structure which includes the introduction, body, and conclusion of the essay writing. If you want to arrange the information in the right way, it is good if you first understand and learn the structure of the writing. Understanding the structure will automatically lead you to get the desired and the required results for persuasive essay writing.


It is important and necessary to have a good command on the basic pillars of persuasive essay writing. Once you are done with writing the essay, make sure that you read 5 to 6 times on your own. This will help you to decide whether the essay writing is effective enough to persuade the readers or not. However, these guidelines will help you to meet the objectives of persuasive essay writing and to meet the standards at the same time.

Basic Steps On How to Write Persuasive Essay
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Basic Steps On How to Write Persuasive Essay
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