A Step-By-Step Guideline On How to Write an Argumentative Essay

Argumentative essay writing is one of the most uncommon types of essay writing which are provided once or twice a semester to the students. Writing an argumentative essay can confuse even the most experienced students. It is a complex process to meet the standards and the requirements of writing an argumentative essay. There are many types of essay writing that students have to face throughout the year academics.

Dealing with a variety of assignments confuse the students. The struggle of the students is highly appreciated and they are advised to avail the professional UK essay help in order to complete all types of essay writings regardless of any nature. Experiencing the writing of the expert writers will give you the right idea about the guidelines and the procedures involved in writing an argumentative essay.

Before talking about anything about the procedures involved in an argumentative essay, it is important for the students to first understand what is an argumentative essay.

 What Is Argumentative Essay?

The argumentative essay revolves around the specific issue. Throughout the procedure of argumentative essay, a writer convinces the readers by providing logical evidence to support the topic of argumentative essay through a different point of views.

Argumentative essay writing is a requirement of most colleges and University levels. Students are recommended to complete their assignments so that they can enhance their grades throughout the semester.

If you want to complete your argumentative essay writing, make sure that you understand the right structure of the essay. Let’s see some of the basic guidelines that can help students to write an argumentative essay.

The structure of the argumentative essay writing consists of the four basic steps;

Introduction Paragraph

The introductory paragraph should support your topic. Here you have to outline the topic of the argumentative essay. The basic purpose of the introductory paragraph is to provide historical information about the topic so that the readers can easily understand the provided arguments. For the more, you have to highlight the evidence is that you are going to use throughout the writing along with the thesis statement.

Thesis Statement

A thesis statement is part of the introductory paragraph only.  thesis statement it is a one-line statement which consists of the key points and the claim that you made throughout your arguments. Writing a thesis statement is one of the most difficult things as it should be effective, relevant, along with the limitations of words. We will see how to write a thesis statement for the argumentative essay earlier in this document.

The Body of the Essay

The body of professional essay writing consists of more than three paragraphs which explain the logical reasons why you support the selected topic of the argumentative essay. It is important for the students to provide different logical pieces of evidence for each paragraph to support the topic of your essay and to clear the mind of the readers so that they can agree with your writing.

The basic purpose of the body paragraphs of the essay writing is to support the claims that you have provided. This can be done by providing different backups such as quantitative results which includes statistics and calculations. It is important for the students to also provide the disagree points while showing the reasons for doing so. You can easily gain the trust of the readers by adding credibility in the body paragraphs of argumentative essay writing.

Conclusion of the Essay

There should be one paragraph in your body paragraph which restate your thesis. It is good to provide a good conclusion at the end of the argumentative essay writing instead of providing a new fact in the writing. Writing a conclusion of the argumentative essay is difficult as there are limitations of words along with the limitations of providing the information. Make sure that you answer all the thesis questions that you had to develop at the beginning of the document. Use the keywords to claim your thesis while showing the results and the findings of your claims at the same time.

Basic Steps to Write a Thesis Statement for Argumentative Essay

It is a requirement to write a one-sentence long thesis statement for or most of the argumentative essay writings. It is normally started at the introductory paragraph of the essay writing which tells the readers that what exactly you are going to discuss throughout the essay writing for the selected topic. The following steps will help you to significantly write a thesis statement for the argumentative essay.

  • First of all, you have to change your topic into the questions. Whatever your topic is, you have to turn it into a question which can include the first few sentences of your topic. Students can develop the question from the topic. Now it is time for you to answer that question, and that answer will be your thesis statement.

Let’s understand this through an example, let’s say that you have developed a question out of your topic, ” how to effectively minimise the Global Warming?”, your answer can be,” invest in energy-efficient appliances”.

  • Now you have to state your argument based on the ideas that support your belief and once you provide your argument it is important to immediately provide the disagreement.
  • Here you have to provide the introduction of your key points and explain how they will support your topic. This will help the readers to have a good idea about the objectives of your argumentative essay.

Conclusion: Writing an argumentative essay is not a piece of cake for everyone. You need to have a good command on the selected topic. Only complete knowledge of the topic will allow supporting your argument by providing logical evidence. It is difficult for many of the students to understand the requirements of argumentative essay writing. Availing the professional and online essay writing services can help you to experience the professional writing of an argumentative essay.

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