Types of Academic Writing

There are different activities performed in schools, colleges and universities. These activities are considered mandatory. This also includes activities related to writing.  Activities based on the writing are of different and demands various standards of writing according to the need of the topic or the subject.

Academic writing is based on the formal tone of writing; it prefers the use of a third person. It varies according to the subjects, for example, if you are writing for law, you have to use the technical terms and justify things accordingly. Similarly, if you are required to write an essay, assignment or dissertation you have to adopt different styles of writing every time. You cannot just follow the same writing styles for all writing activities. Let’s discuss all types of academic writing that are necessary for every student to understand.

Descriptive Writing

Descriptive writing is about creating an atmosphere by the use of defining the verb. The use of verbs such as person, place or thing is used by the writers that help readers to create a clear picture in the mind of the readers for the best understanding of the context. Descriptive writing describes the feelings, events and atmosphere of the context. The descriptive writing style is used more rather than other styles. Students find it more interesting because of the mentioned details of the context.

It involves the use of all five senses to create an environment for the readers. It is necessary to use precise language. Adjectives and nouns are strongly discouraged in descriptive writing. This style of writing is more organised. Try to keep things in order, as it is the most considered point in descriptive writing. Let’s see an example of descriptive writing;

“Born to simple peasants in a valley by the Taurus Mountains, I was twelve the year Rumi adopted me. My real parents were people who worked hard and aged before their time. We lived in a small house, and my sister and I shared the same room with the ghosts of our dead siblings, five children all lost to simple diseases.”

See, that’s how descriptive writing style works, creating a picture in the mind of readers.

Persuasive Writing

Persuasive writing is all about logical arguments. It is a self-explanatory term that means persuading someone by providing logical reasoning. The persuasive writing can be, for or against, towards the topic. This makes the reader to understand things through logic and to make certain decisions or actions. In persuasive writing, the writer needs to provide logical reasoning for why the discussed point of view is correct and why the other opposing view is invalid. This style of writing includes marketing contents such as newspapers, commercial ads, blogs, and many more. It is a writing style essential for the 21st century.

It is important for persuasive writing to be organised according to the provided logical evidence, or follow the guideline provided by the instructor to make a proper outline of the essay writing. This style acts as a professional essay help for students to write an essay effectively that helps them to achieve higher grades.

Analytical writing

This style of writing is mostly used in higher academics, universities. The higher academics demand to develop the analytical skills that can help students to grasp the best understanding of the subject.Analytical writing is used to analyse the context in light of the provided shreds of evidence. What is analysis? The analysis is a process in which information is categorised to get an understanding of how it actually works. One of the basic examples of academic analytical writing is the dissertation. Analytical skills are essential for dissertation writing in which you have to select the specific topic, taking the sample data to compare, contrast, assess and evaluate results and the findings of the results.

Narrative Writing

Narrative writing is one of the common styles that are practised in academics. It includes writing about personal experiences and real-life issues or the current situation. This particular writing style is about telling the story, characters and the conflicts. It is a part of academics to help students in developing narrative writing skills by providing different activities in which they have to think like an author of their choice and write their favourite stories. Organising the entire structure of the story is a hell of a thing and requires expertise in writing to develop the custom structure for narrative writing.


Students need to develop all kinds of writing skills during their academic period. This will not only help in academics but can also be a great help in your professional life. However, there are many professional assignment writing services providers are available online for students who are stressed out due to the lack of understanding of the subject. I hope the above-mentioned details about writing styles will help you to develop the required skills for your best academic results.

Types of Academic Writing
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Types of Academic Writing
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