Scope Of Studying Marketing Management In 2021

How does advertising actually work and what actually induces people to buy? Have you always asked yourself that? If you would like to develop promising marketing strategies yourself at some point, start a marketing management degree. Here you will find the tools you need to move companies or products forward.

Why Study Marketing Management?

Marketing managers are indispensable professionals in the business world. Your job is to bind customers to a company, to develop strategies to acquire new customers, or to market new products. With a marketing management degree, you will acquire all the important characteristics for your varied everyday work. The multi-faceted Marketing Management degree requires analytical thinking skills and an understanding of business administration as well as a certain amount of creativity and empathy. Because marketing managers are constantly dealing with other people.

What Course Content To Expect?

You can either acquire knowledge of marketing management as part of a business administration degree with a focus on marketing, or you can take up a special marketing management degree straight away. With both variants, you will learn how to win new customers and how to present products to a specific target group as well as possible. Depending on the university, the course content may differ. Most of the time you will come across the following topics, for example:

  • Accounting
  • Corporate management
  • Project management
  • Market research
  • Quality management

You will also learn about various sales strategies and what is important in advertising psychology to encourage potential customers to buy. You also deal with brand management, online marketing, and e-commerce. In order not to violate the law, you will also acquire knowledge of internationally applicable law.

How Does The Marketing Management Course Work?

Many universities offer marketing management either as a specialization in a bachelor’s degree in business administration or as a master’s degree. But there are also some bachelor’s degree programs that specifically deal with the topic of marketing management. These usually last 6 semesters. The bachelor’s degree is divided into individual modules in which you first learn the basics of management and marketing. In the other semesters, subject-specific topics such as online marketing, market research, or branding are on the curriculum. As a rule, the Marketing Management degree also includes a compulsory internship.

Degree And Bachelor Thesis

The bachelor thesis is due in the last semester of the course. This scientific elaboration of a topic from the field of marketing management comprises around 20 to 40 pages. Depending on the university, the processing time is 2 to 4 months. After successfully completing your marketing management studies, the university will award you the academic degree of Bachelor of Arts (BA). You can then take up a master’s degree, which lasts another 3 to 4 semesters.

Which Study Options Are Open To Me?

If you want to study Marketing Management, you have numerous options. For example, you can start full-time or part-time face-to-face studies at a university or private college. You also have the option of taking up a dual or distance learning course.

Can I Complete A Dual Degree In Marketing Management?

Some universities and vocational academies offer marketing management as a dual course of study. This means that in addition to in-company training, you will also complete a bachelor’s degree. The advantage is obvious. You not only acquire an academic university degree but also gain practical work experience during your studies.

Can I Study Marketing Management By Distance Learning?

With a distance learning course in Marketing Management, you will either receive your study documents by post or they will be available to you in digital form on the institute’s internal online campus. You can then edit these from home flexibly in terms of time. Sometimes there are compulsory face-to-face seminars. Some distance learning courses can only be completed online. A distance learning course in Marketing Management gives you a recognized academic degree as well as a face-to-face course.

Likewise, you can take help from a marketing essay writing service available online to assist you academically.

Can I Study Marketing Management Abroad?

Marketing is not only based on national, but also on international markets. Therefore, you can also complete a Marketing Management degree abroad. Depending on where and in which industry you want to work later, studying abroad can even be a huge advantage.