Key Points to Consider for Essay Writing On Marketing Management

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What Is Marketing Management?

Marketing management is all about managing marketing programs such as planning, organising, controlling, and implementing the strategies to meet the demands of the organisation’s product and services. In simple words, marketing management can be defined as a process of planning, executing the ideas, distribution of goods along with the right price, and promotion. This entire process helps to achieve the objectives of the organisation and to give the maximum satisfaction to the customer.

What Are the Goals of Marketing Management?

Marketing management is entirely dedicated to achieving the goals of marketing. There are in total of three kinds of goals in marketing management;

  • To satisfy and to maximise the needs of the customers.
  • Escalate in increasing the number of sales.
  • To increase the profit of the organisation.

These three goals of marketing management can help the organisation to select the best marketing strategies based on the selected goals of marketing management.

What Are the Objectives of Marketing Management?

The objectives of marketing management are clear it is highly dependent on reaching out to the new customers and satisfying their needs to the maximum level. It is further involved in maximizing the profits of the organisation by implementing effective marketing strategies. This helps to enhance the standard of living among people. Its final objective is to determine the marketing mix which helps to select and implement the best marketing strategies for the desired results.

Steps Involved in Marketing Management

There are various steps involved throughout the process of marketing management. The first step is to set the objective of marketing as one should know what exactly they want to achieve through marketing strategies. It further includes checking for the opportunities that are considered effective and beneficial for the organisation. Conducting research about the target market is a necessary step involved in the process of marketing management. Furthermore, it is involved in planning the marketing programs while organising and controlling the strategies.

What Are The 4Ps of Marketing Mix?

It is easy to explain the 4Ps of marketing but it is hard to implement the same. There are four Ps of marketing which is considered as the pillars of marketing. They are product, price, place, and promotion. All the Ps of marketing is individually designed to help the marketing strategies to be implemented effectively and efficiently.

Product:  The first P that is the product is the basic of marketing management. The product of the organisation should be unique from all other competitors as it should be appealing and available to the customers regardless of any restrictions or limitations. The availability of the product matters a lot.

Price:  It is difficult to set the perfect price of the product as it requires a lot of calculation and consideration of other factors to select the right price for the right product. It is important for the price to be mostly focused on the maximization of profit instead of increasing the number of sales. Companies use various strategies and techniques to set the price in order to maximise profit. It is highly recommended to the organisations and to the sole businesses to select the lowest and the highest price you can sell the product.

Place: This is the most important factor and the third P of the marketing mix which is the location of the marketing. If you want the desired result of best marketing mix strategies, make sure that you have the right place to set a plan for your marketing. Always make sure to reach out to the customer instead of waiting for them to reach out to you.

Promotion:  Promotion is the fourth and last three of the marketing mix. Once you’re done with the first three Ps of the marketing it is the right time to get along with promotion. Always remember the prime objective of promotion, it is to enhance the sales. If your sales are still stagnant or decreasing even with the promotions, there is no use of it.

Key Points to Consider for Essay Writing On Marketing Management
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Key Points to Consider for Essay Writing On Marketing Management
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