Choose an appropriate type for your essay

An essay is of various types and writers use each type of essay for a different purpose. Every student has to write an essay at some point in his/her academic life. One cannot think academic life without essay writing. These essay writing tasks have made it difficult for students to breathe. Most students face trouble in writing according to the type of essay. Understanding the type of your essay and the requirements for various types is important to know before starting to write. We are describing kinds of essays that are required in academic life. There are mainly four kinds of essays; narrative, expository, descriptive, and persuasive.

Narrative essay

In this narrative kind of essays, a writer discusses and analyses the real-life experience in this essay. It means the writer shares some part of his/her life story with the audience. For some of you, telling a story sounds an easy thing to do. However, when you consider the requirements of the narrative essay, you may want to switch sides. For narrative essays, you need to vividly explain your experience so that your readers can experience it too. Moreover, the writer uses the first-person narrative in narrative essays. It encourages readers to experience the same experience by reading the essay. The writer discusses and evaluates the personal statement or point of view in these essays. If you think writing these essays is difficult, then you can always send ‘write my essay’ request for online services.

Expository essay

An informative kind of essay is known as an expository essay. In expository essays, the writer tries to present and analyse the information that is related to the topic. The writer does his/her best to explains the topic with the assistance of statistical information, facts and figures, and examples. The information presented in the essay should be accurate and authentic. Otherwise. The integrity of the essay will be damaged. You should build a strong case supported by facts and figures in these expository essays.

Moreover, the writer should also present an expert opinion along with examples to build the case. The writer should only present sound reasoning in these expository essays. You should consider a neutral way of analysing the evidence by discussing both sides of the argument. However, the writer, that means you, should always be capable of communicating your point of view. You should try to tell the audience why your stance on a certain matter is correct and why you need to take a stance on the matter.

Descriptive essay

It is quite similar to a narrative essay. The writer uses words to describe something vividly. The object of the essay can be anything, an object, a person, a place, or a significant memory. Unlike narrative essays, descriptive essays are not written for the sole purpose of describing an object. These essays are written to communicate with the readers at a deeper level of understanding. The writer shows a picture to the audience in descriptive essays to make audience able to understand the perspective of the writer. The writers do not think of it as to write my essay but rather he/she thinks it is their responsibility to communicate their perspective. These essays appeal to the emotions of readers and try to make an impact on the audience. If you still find it hard to write, then you should send ‘write my essay’ request to professional essay writing services online.

Persuasive essay

Persuasive essays are the kind in which you need to persuade your audience while presenting your arguments and logic. This is the only goal of the persuasive essay to convince the readers that what you think is valid and aligned with the facts. For doing that, you need strong facts and figures to prove your point. Moreover, you have to provide an expert opinion about the topic. It is crucial that the writer presents both sides of the story to help the audience realise that what you think is the only correct option. The writer should be able to effectively communicate his/her perspective about a certain situation. These persuasive essays are quite similar in nature with the expository essays. Both kinds of essays need logical and rational arguments along with expert opinion to describe the situation.

The difference between these two kinds of essays is that the writer only uses expository essays to explain the matter. Those essays do not consider persuading the audience or trying to make them believe in your perspective of the situation. Contrarily, the writer uses persuasive essays to persuade the audience. That means to convince the audience that your opinion is correct. For that purpose, you need to explain to the audience about your perspective. Most importantly, you need to understand the topic before writing about it and realise which side you think is the right side. It is because you cannot make people believe in something you do not believe in yourself.

Choose an appropriate type for your essay
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Choose an appropriate type for your essay
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